Design Service

We relish in the opportunity to meet customers and see their miniature homes

This gives us the chance to get a feel for your house and the story it tells, helping us to create more personal designs working with any ideas you already have to give your house it's happy ending. Please see below some samples of the work we have already completed.

This service is idea for enthusiasts:

  • who would like to work with us and have a creative imput into the design of their curtains
  • require guidence to ensure they get the perfect result
  • have complicated windows such as bays or windows very close together

The design service also provides us the oppotunity to measure your house our selfs, while you look though the samples we have and pick the perfect match to your wall paper with our guidence and support. Most of the houses we work on have already been decorated, but some enthusiasts have requested us to help them as they have struggled looking for insparation and would like some guidence when starting a miniature decorating adventure. This is all included in the design service and it is a challenge we love to take on.

We work in 1/12th, 1/24th and even 1/48th scale and really enjoy the callenge the small scales bring. Please see below a slection of 1/24th and 1/48th we have already completed.

Please contact us to discuss any ideas or inspirations you have and we can send you a sample of designs and colours.

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Thank you

We've really enjoyed meeting and speaking to all at the shows last year and getting your feed back on our work.

Big thank you to everyone from Elite Petit Interiors!